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SEO Report: User Experience Speed Influencers


In the mist of another Google Search Engine Results Page update, webmasters have reported a particular phenomena that can potentially degrade the ranking of your websites following outside interference. 

Its well known that the way Google ranks webpages is comprised of a multitude of factors, together forming an algorithm, which applied to websites, outputs that particulars site / page value in relation to the keyword / keyphrase being searched for.

Fast loading site = Good User Experience

Since 2010, Google has publicly placed a lot of importance on a websites speed or how long a user has to wait before he is presented with the expected information. This is quite natural, as a fast loading site provides a better user experience as opposed to a slow loading one. Basically, user experience is a big factor now and all webmasters should take this into serious consideration.

User Experience Speed Influencers

When measuring a sites speed, or how fast it is loading for the user, the metric can differ based on a number of factors, both internal and external.

Internal Influencers

Internal influencers in a sites’ speed are factors that a webmaster can control:

  • Website hosting geographical location
  • Type of hosting: dedicated server, shared hosting
  • Server technology and configuration
  • Size of the websites assets or how well optimized they are

External Influencers

External influencers are factors related to the visitor, that a webmaster can not control:

  • Visitor geographical location
  • Visitor internet connection bandwidth and latency
  • Visitor browser type / version
  • Visitor device and configuration

The particular phenomena reported by webmasters who are seeing their websites get demoted from 1st page results by new and spammy sites is closely related to external influencers.

683 users visit an English language website from Romania, all in the same hour, all using Firefox 41, and 100% of them bounce after having an insanely long load time (but wait for it to finish loading) NYCTech @ WebmasterWorld

Based on this findings, our suggestion is to secure your website from this kind of attacks by implementing an extra security measure via Content Delivery Networks.

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